John Bryant-Meisner Wins Two Out Three Races in His Debut

John Bryant Meisner has proved his mettle once again. Not for nothing is he the youngest Swedish sensation in the racing community. The management of the British Formula 3 was left in awe when John was able to win two out of the three races in the series right in his debut.

The series was organised at Silverstone and John began his race from pole position. Right from the start, John was able to set the pace right with an eight-tenths and later, he was unstoppable. He was seen dominating the race for the rest of the laps leading to a 16.5-second win.

It is notable that most of the other racers in the event were not only more experienced than John, but also a regular at the track. On the other hand, John was participating for the first time and managed to win it in spite of being the underdog.

What’s more, the organisers of the race could not believe that John did manage to win two races back to back in spite of having an added weight of 15 kilos. Yes, he was with added ballast and no one expected him to win, but John went on to defy the odds and proved everyone wrong.

What a comeback for him! He had an invitation class status in the race which means that he was not eligible for any points and did not drove through the podium after finishing first on both the occasion after winning.

After the race was over, John said that he was racing with the primary intention of getting maximum track time, but as soon as John qualified for the race, his team knew that he had an advantage. There was a chance that he could win, and that is exactly what he did in the end.

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