John Bryant-Meisner Set to Return for ATS Formula 3 Cup

On May 6th, 2012, post his accident last year, John Bryant-Meisner successfully completed his first maiden weekend at the ATS Formula 3 Cup Racing. This was a successful start for his otherwise standstill career that was due to the death-defying accident that he had met with only last year. He had crashed into a concrete wall.

But, things were looking brighter as an F3 driver. John, while giving an interview, said that he was really happy to be back on the track and couldn’t believe that he was out of action for almost a year. The recovery process was really tough for him as he had suffered fractured vertebrae in the spinal region. But, with perseverance and sheer willpower, he was back better than ever before.

He further added that the support he received from his friends and peers in the industry, especially Performance Racing, helped him a lot and kept his motivation high. Some of the best physios in the medical fraternity were working on his case, and Bryant admitted that they had done an absolutely amazing job on him. Otherwise, he could have lost everything and would have to look for a career change.

Sharing some insight about the test runs, John said that the results were very encouraging and they believed it was going to be a good run. But, he also admitted that even though they were confident that they are going to prove to be a real challenge near the front of the race, John has been out of action for one year. This means he had lost precious time that others spent practising and honing their skills.

Performance Racing is going ahead with a three-driver setup where John will be one of them. The other two drivers are Yannick Mettler who hails from Switzerland and Thomas Jager who is from Austria.