Why John Bryant-Meisner is the Online Punter’s 2018 Wild Card

When Sweden prepares a list of its famous rally drivers, John Bryant-Meisner might just fly under the radar. Well, that’s just for now, because the man is only 23 and has not hit his full potential yet. There is a general feeling among wild-card pickers that Bryant-Meisner is about to come around as the biggest surprise.

2017 has not been his best year, but that appears to be just a calm before the storm. If John can combine the vigor he had at 19 and the experience he has packed at 23, 2018 can really be his year. And a year just as good for punters who go for the really wild odd.

According to Driver Database, John has had a pretty consistent performance in four of the last five years. Take a look:

2017 Racing 2 races 0 wins 0 podiums 0 pole position 0 fastest race laps

2016 Racing 1 race 0 wins 1 podium 1 pole positions 1 fastest race lap

2014 Racing 28 races 1 win 3 podiums 0 pole position 1 fastest race lap

2013 Racing 36 races 4 wins 8 podiums 2 pole position 1 fastest race lap

If he managed a podium finish in just one race in 2016, how much better would he perform in, say, 20 races of 2018? John will be smiling to the podium while gamblers will be making a kill from the casino. Or, well, from home.

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Online casinos require a significantly higher betting stake but then their return is also higher. It’s a wild card prediction, but Bryant-Meisner just might be the online racing slots’ best gift of 2018. He just needs to be seen more often at the starting line!