John Bryant-Meisner Is Set To Debut For British F3

Just a week after the latest ATS Formula 3 Cup from the Nurburgring, John Bryant-Meisner is getting back into the limelight for another fabled venue in the Grand Prix over the weekend, the British F3 championship at Silverstone.

His decision to let go of his German commitments and initiate an all-out assault on the F3 International Series of Britain comes after his testing accident in 2012 at Rockingham. During the accident, he was forced to stay away from the wheel for more than half of the season as he was dealing with spinal injuries.

Bryant-Meisner is more than eager to make up for all the lost ground and wants to accelerate the education process by becoming a part of the championship team which has also been home to racers like Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet and Mikka Hakkinen.

Just like the Formula 3 Cup, Bryant-Meisner represented Performance Racing for the first time that they raced in the British F3 since 2007. This driver/constructor combo is certainly going to be facing some stiff competition though as this series steeped deep in tradition begins. But, there is no reason why we would want to believe that they aren’t ready to face any type of opposition.

Silverstone is a terrific circuit and Bryant-Meisner is more than happy to take part in both the British and German F3 championship. He managed to win a couple of races in the ATS Formula 3 cup but he still wants to have as much track time as possible following his crash from last year. He added that it was quite difficult to know what to expect when you are doing something new but he was ready for whatever the circuit and the other teams threw his way. John is looking forward to the weekend as much as his fans are.