John Bryant-Meisner – How his Career Began

John Bryant Meisner was born on 21st September, 1994, in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born to a native Swedish family. John took a liking to racing and race cars at a very early stage. He began karting at the tender age of 9 when most other kids were happy learning skating and cycling.

He showed a natural talent and interest in the sport and his parents were quick to notice his skills. They decided to help to pursuate his hobby and helped him made a career out of it. By the year 2004, John was already busy participating in karting competitions and started making a name for himself in the racing fraternity.

He continued karting till the year 2009 after which Formula Renault team discovered him and decided to sign a contract. That was his first real big break. With the contract firmly in place, John was able to begin his career as a single seater race car driver in the year 2010. His first ever tournament was the Formula Renault 2.0 Sweden in which he was competiting for Team BS Motorsport. He later followed this with the Sweden and Michelin Formula Renault Winter Cup in the same year representing the Koiranen GP team. It was in this second race that he was able to secure a podium finish. This was his first year as a single seater race car driver and his first ever podium finish.

Formula 3 is largely considered to be the best way, and the most important category if you are looking to break into the Formula 1.

He continued this stint with the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup and NEC Series that took place in the year 2011. In the both the series, he was representing his old team, Koiranen GP. Continuing his winning streak, he was able to secure another podium finish in the NEC.

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