Formula Renault UK Finals Series Entry List

The Protyre Formula Renault UK Finals Series has gone ahead and released their final entry list of drivers in the race. There are a total of 32 car grids for a respectable total of 6 round series.

One name that has surprised some and delighted others was the name of John Bryant- Meisner. He is relatively new to the scene and very young but has shown promise in his recent races. It will be interesting to see John Bryant Meisner go head to head against the likes of Kyvat, Martin Rump and Hans Vilemi.

John Bryant Meisner has already seen what Kyvat is capable of in some previous races, notably the Eurocup Championships and NEC. Both times, John was representing his old team Koiranen where he was able to finish in second and third positions respectively. This is definitely great for a newcomer like John Meisner but will he be able to continue his performance? Will he be able to secure another podium finish, maybe finishing in first? Only time will tell.

And time did tell! Unfortunately, during a practice run, John Bryant Meisner met with an accident. He was testing his new car, John crashed his car into a concrete wall breaking his vertebrae and injuring his spine. Though he would return to the racing game in the coming years, this accident will set him back by almost one year. It is already well-known that the life of a race car driver is short and full of surprises, and this loss of one year early on in his career will prove to be detrimental for his otherwise flawless and amazing career.

John will return in the year 2013 for the German Formula Three Championship and that is a story for another day. Today, fans are just happy to know that he is well and safe.

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