John Bryant-Meisner Shares Wolf GB08 Prototype

John Bryant-Meisner was born in the year 1994 on 21st September in the beautiful city of Stockholm. He is one of the most famous Swedish racers who has left his mark in the racing world. He is currently residing in Solna but continues to make news headlines.

In the year 2015, John Bryant-Meisner made a very solid come back to the international motorsports and racing world after a gap of almost a year. The moment he was back on the track, he was immediately topping the charts. It was a Sunday and he was competing in the Asian Le Mans in the Sepang International Circuit which is located in Malaysia.

John Bryant-Meisner was just 21 years old at the time when he entered the race with a Wolf GB08 prototype. The race was organised on a Sunday and continued for about 3 hours. John Bryant-Meisner was able to get his team to finish in the 7th position. After the race was over, he was heard saying that after his return to the circuit, he is looking forward to complete at the very least 12 hours in the very next month.

The temperature was hitting almost 40 degrees, however, John Bryant-Meisner was not to be deterred and managed to hit the fastest lap in the race. He was in the lead right from the start and managed to pull the fastest lap during the 90-minute stint.

The only reason John Bryant-Meisner and his team lose to their competitors Denis Lian and Giorgio Maggi was that they had to change their driver during the race only once while John had to do it twice. This wasted precious time in the decision-making process and the change that took place.

Overall, after the race was over, John said that he was satisfied with his performance on the weekend after his return, and was looking forward to the rest of the season.