Spanish traveler tax: Brits now COMPELLED to pay new tax to vacation in Spain


Visitors to the Balearic Islands will now have to deal with a brand-new charge as a questionable traveler tax strikes today.

The tax will vary from 2 (1.66) a day for consumers residing in five-star turn to 50 cents for those remaining in hostels and shelters.

The tax will be marked down 50 per cent for remain in low weather and longer than 20 days.

In all cases, holidaymakers will now be asked to make a payment on arrival or when as they are set to return home.

The tax will not use to children under 16 but moms and dads will need to provide proof of age with passports or other legal documentation.

The popular vacation hotspots set to be struck by the tax include Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

The tax is to be introduced today and will likely come as a surprise to numerous visitors.

The Balearic federal government has dealt with debate over the charge however have insisted that the money will be spent on sustainable tourism tasks across all 4 islands.

It’s estimated to bring in between 60million (49.7 million) and 70million (57.8 million) a year.

Although it will just bring it around 40million (33million) to 50million (41million) this year because of the delay in execution.

The tax will not apply to those who have taken a trip to the island for health care or to assist with an emergency or catastrophe,

However, in those cases the individual must fill in forms and in the case of health, produce a declaration signed by a physician.

The tax is likely to come as a shock expense to holidaymakers. For a four-person family with children over 16 delighting in a 14-day vacation at a 5 star resort, the overall tax will come to almost 100.

Thomas Cook has actually tried its best to alert holidaymakers of the tax intro. On its website it states: The tax is something brand-new and specifically targeted at tourists. It's an expense beyond our control and the providers of the accommodation.

It's a Government enforced tax that needs to be paid when you stay in accommodation in the Balearic Islands. Whilst our sales brochure and website vacation info does mention the possibility of regional taxes like this, we comprehend this cost is something you most likely weren't expecting to pay and are sorry the Government has decided to bring this in so rapidly.